No. HEX doesn't have an owner either. Richard Heart is the founder of HEX, but it is a fully decentralised product on the blockchain.
Nowhere. HEX isn't a project. It's a completed product and has been working flawlessly for over 1,5 year right now.
The APY of HEX is between 3.69% and 369%. Like the euro, HEX has inflation. With the euro this is an average of 3-5% per year. When more euros are added, the purchasing power per euro decreases. The problem with this is that the newly created euros almost never end up in your hands, but with the government, banks, etc. This is different with HEX. The inflation rate of HEX is and will remain 3.69% per year. The great thing about HEX is that this is divided among the stakers (people who have locked their HEX for a certain period of time). The more and especially the longer you stake, the greater part of that 3.69% you get. When 1% of all HEX is locked, the stakers receive 369% APY. At 10% this is 36.9% and at 100% it is 3.69%. Your profit therefore depends on the amount of staked HEX. For more info, check out the article I wrote called: Is HEX a Pyramid Scheme?
When you lock your HEX, the HEX disappears and you receive Shares in its place. The amount of shares you receive depends on 2 variables: 1) The amount of HEX you will be staking. More HEX = more Shares 2) The length of your stake. Longer = more Shares. You often see people talking about T-shares. A T-share is simply a trillion shares. A B-share is one billion shares. You can also track your accrued interest in the StakerApp. At the end of your stake, you end your stake and the amount of HEX you had locked + interest is placed in your wallet. After that, you can sell it, leave it in your wallet, or stake it again!
No, this is not necessary. The price of HEX (also compared to other cryptos) has increased significantly in 2020. If you had bought HEX and only kept it in your wallet, at best you would have multiplied your money 352 fold in 361 days. The great thing about HEX is that if you had it staked as well, you would have gotten 38% APY on top of that.
The minimum is 1 day. The maximum 5555 days,
You get shares when you lock HEX for a certain time. The longer you stake it, the more shares you receive. Shares are actually what HEX is all about. The more shares you have, the more interest you will receive on your investment. You will always hear people talking about so-called T-shares. A T-share is simply a trillion shares. A B-share is one billion shares.
It's very personal. You have to decide this for yourself. If you want to get as much interest as possible it is best to stake as long as possible as this will give you the most shares. I personally use a staking ladder as my strategy.
A staking ladder is a strategy in which a stake ends every X number of days/months/years. For the most shares and therefore the most interest, you only stake for 5555 days, but who wants to wait 15 years? If you end a stake every 3/6/12 months for 15 years, you get paid more often. This way you benefit from the higher interest on the longer stakes, but you also get income for the first 15 years.
No. When you place a stake you have until the end of the day to cancel it. When the day ends (depending on the time zone) your stake has started and you can no longer cancel it.
Yes, you can. This so called Early Endstaking is possible at any time, but you will pay a fine. We recommend consulting the StakerApp to see how big your fine will be if you end it right now.