The first certificate of deposit on the blockchain

Suppose you had purchased Bitcoin at the start of 2016 and locked it away for six years. By avoiding selling at $1800, $3600, $9000 or even $15,000, you could have sold at $32,000.

Enter HEX, a cryptocurrency created three years ago that enables you to lock up your funds for up to 5555 days, thereby avoiding hasty selling. Additionally, you earn interest for locking up your funds.

HEX is a safer and more affordable option that has undergone two security audits and incorporates game theory that incentivizes buying and locking.

Buy HEX in 3 simple steps

1. Download StakerApp

The easiest way to buy & stake HEX is in the StakerApp. Available on iOS and Android. Download the app and activate your smart wallet.

2. Buy Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the #2 cryptocurrency and can be bought directly in numerous places.

3. Swap ETH for HEX

Use the swap function within Staker to buy HEX with ETH.

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