Uniswap was a gamechanger for swapping tokens on Ethereum. From that moment on you didn’t need Binance, Coinbase or Kraken anymore. You could hold your own keys and swap trustlessly.

The only problem is that the Ethereum gasfees keep rising and rising. Onboarding new users who have $200 to spend is hard at the moment. That’s why Richard Heart and his team decided to create Pulsechain. A fork of Ethereum which copies system state and is gonna beat Eth 2.0 to market with all the Eth 2.0 improvements and more!

The question then became:
What is Uniswap/Sushiswap/1inch gonna do?
Are they gonna create front ends for Pulsechain and become great on Pulsechain as they are on Ethereum?

Instead of waiting around to see what the existing AMM’s are going to do, Richard decided that it would be better to create our own DEX: PulseX.

What at first seemed to be a simple fork of Uniswap V2, turns out to be much more than that. With the strategy and game theory of PulseX, the chance that PulseX is going to dominate is enormous.

The game theory behind PulseX:

  • Liquidity Aggregation
    The PulseX bot harvests all copies of ERC-20s on the Pulsechain (PRC-20s) from all major liquidity providers (such as Uniswap) and adds them to the liquidity of PulseX. With this, PulseX will have the largest liquidity of all exchanges on the Pulsechain.

    If Uniswap intended to become big on the Pulsechain, it has made it very difficult with this strategy and the chance that an exchange will become bigger than PulseX is very small.

  • Buy & Burn
    When you swap one token for another on PulseX, you pay a 0.29% PLS fee. With 21% of this (0.06% of the entire fee) PLSX gets bought and burned. This means that with every swap PLSX will be bought and can never be sold again.

  • No inflation
    There will never be more PLSX than on day one. The supply will be 170 trillion PLSX. Due to the Buy & Burn, this will decrease with each transaction.

  • LP Yield
    Liquidity Providers earn 0.22% in trading fees

PulseX Sacrifice

The sacrifice phase has started. It is very similar to the Pulsechain sacrifice phase. From now until January 10th 2022 you’ll receive 10,000 Sacrifice Points (10,000 PLSX at launch) per dollar.

After January 10th the rate per 10,000 Sacrifice Points gets 5% more expensive a day.

Since it’s about the dollar amount at the exact moment of sacrifice (30min TWAP), you want to offer your token of choice at the highest possible price. With the Pulsechain sacrifice, this was during the first few days when you sacrificed HEX as the price pumped hard at first and then dropped. There is a chance that the best time to invest this time will again be in the first couple of days.

However, if the price of HEX (or your token of choice) keeps pumping it may be better to wait with sacrificing until a later date. The Sacrifice Phase will end on February 25th.

Volume Bonus
Besides the rate increase there is also a Volume Bonus. The more you sac, the bigger your bonus. The maximum bonus is 2.5x your sacrifice amount, but for most of us this isn’t attainable. During the Pulsechain sac you got a 1.2x volume bonus when you sacrificed more than $20,000. Even still, it’s best to sacrifice from one address. The volume bonus ends on February 21th. Until that time you can sac as often as you want as long as is from the same address if you want to optimize your Volume Bonus.

How do I sacrifice?
Since ETH and ERC-20s have mainly been sacrificed, I focus this step-by-step plan on those tokens.

  • 1) Have control over your own private keys
    Make sure you have ETH/ERC-20 (HEX, LINK, AAVE, DAI, USDT, USDC, etc.) in a wallet of which you own the private keys. You can not sacrifice from an exchange. I recommend the Metamask or Stakerapp wallet. Make sure you have the real Metamask. This is
    Double and triple check this.

  • 2) Put the crypto of your choice in your wallet
    Make sure you have the crypto you want to sacrifice in your own wallet. If you are not going to sacrifice ETH, it is still important to have some ETH in your wallet to pay the gasfee.

  • 3) Sacrifice via your wallet
    The sacrifice address is the same for everyone who offers ETH/ERC-20:
    Double check this on and on Richard Heart’s twitter.

    1. Open Metamask.
    2. Click send.
    3. Paste the sacrifice address.
    4. Choose the crypto you are going to sacrifice at Asset
    5. Choose an amount (make sure you have enough ETH for the gas fee).
    6. Click Next, check everything and then click Confirm.

    Do you want to sacrifice through Stakerapp?
    It’s exactly the same. You send your token of choice to the sacrifice address. The only difference is that you don’t need ETH in your wallet since you can pay the gasfees in HEX or USDC as well.

    You will receive a notification within seconds/minutes that your transaction has been confirmed or that it has failed. If it failed, you must try again. What often helps is to have no digits after the decimal point for all tokens except ETH. Change 6000.325236 HEX to 6000 HEX. The reason could also be that you do not have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fee.

    You are ready for PulseX.
    Check your rank on
    Now you have to wait for the network to come online, after which you will receive your PLSX tokens at the address from which you sacrificed. The best guess we have at this moment is March 2022.

What can we expect from PulseX?
As PulseX becomes an enhanced version of Uniswap on Pulsechain, we can look at UNI’s performance for our predictions. From low to high, UNI rose 2462% in 179 days.

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  1. Great post. Thanks! After we sacrifice, how do we get the points/PLSX? Is there anything we have to do with out wallet?

    • Hi Hank,

      Thank you! Appreciate it.
      When Pulsechain mainnet has launched, you will have to add it to Metamask.
      Your PulseX tokens will then be dropped into your wallet.

      So for now we just have to wait until probably March

        • Hi Nate,

          Yes, you can still sacrifice for Pulsechain.
          But it will cost you 7185x more than the people who sacrificed on day 1.

          If you meant PulseX, you can as well.
          It will cost you 48% more today than the people who sacrificed on day 1.

      • I’ve sent some tPls to an address I don’t know . Is it recoverable I know it’s only testnet , and wen pulsechain goes live will I still have the same amount tPls as I have in the wallet

        • Since it’s testnet, it doesn’t matter. It’s testPLS, like monopoly money.
          When Pulsechain goes live you will receive the real PLS if you sacrificed and you won’t use tPLS anymore.

  2. I sacrificed thru by connecting my metamask wallet and it directly sent and accepted. When I check the leaderboard all the sacrificed breakdowns. my sacrificed ETH isnt there nor my wallet address. Is it just taking time or was it hacked? Its been 10 days now. Can someone help please?. Thank You

  3. My wallet is not showing on the I checked the etherscan and found this:

    Transaction Hash:

    • When you go to and connect your Metamask, you choose Ethereum in Step 2 and then it says:

      Send your Ether or ERC20s to the following address.
      Sending from exchanges is invalid for Ethereum sacrifices

      In this article you can see the same address.
      So something went wrong. You probably went to a fake scam website with a URL that looks a lot like the real one.
      Go back in your browser history to the date and time of your sacrifice to see what site you visited.

      This does mean that you have not sacrificed to the right address and will not receive PLSX tokens unfortunately…

      • Yes its the same but i just connect my wallet and after selecting the Etherium it immediately transferred the funds that is available there, but when i checked the leaderboard its not there. Iam sure its not a fake website as i always double check the page Iam not seing a suspicious page on my browser history either. Is there a possibility this will take some time?

        • It is not possible that immediately transferred the funds.
          It only shows you the address. You have to go into your own Metamask (or other wallet of which you own the private keys) and send the ETH to the Sacrifice Address yourself.

          Sending your ETH to 0x081e64893c615dff01c1023de05f59f3df47b609 and not to 0x075e72a5eDf65F0A5f44699c7654C1a76941Ddc8 is where you made the mistake. There is no possibility that it will take some time, since it wasn’t sent to the right address.

    • I sacrificed in January.

      Did any one received their pulsex in their wallet?

      When can I expect them?

  4. Exactly the same has happened to me can anyone help me? my address is not on the plusxlead site either. the address i sent it to was 0x075e72a5eDf65F0A5f44699c7654C1a76941Ddc8.

    • You have sent your funds to the correct address!
      Did you send from a wallet of which you have access to the private keys (12 or 24 secret words)?
      If you did and you sent from an ETH address, you should be able to see it on now

  5. you get an X total estiamted points. lets say those estimated points are 1`000`000. what does this mean?

  6. Hi. Congratulations to the great project!
    I sacrificed from my Trust Wallet. How will I then receive my tokens when the pulsechain mainnet i launched? Seems to be pretty straight forward when sacrificing from Metamask but is it exactly the same when sacrificing from Trust wallet?
    Thank you in advance for your advise.

    • Hi again, just to clarify to the above, I sacrificed to pulsex. And some additional questions would be; when will the airdrop of sacrifices to pulsex take place? When Pulsechain is launched or when pulsex is launched? I understand the pulsechain will be live somewhere in March while the pulsex will be launched somewhere in the end of 2022 right?
      Thanks again!

      • Hi Mike,
        It will be dropped to the same address but then on Pulsechain. So if you will be able to access Pulsechain through Trustwallet, it’ll be fine.
        If you can’t, you can always use Metamask since you have your seedwords.

        The fork will probably take place in March, but no date has been announced yet. When Pulsechain launches, PulseX will launch as well.

        • Hi,

          Thank you for your fast response. Back up plan seems clear. So how do we know if access will be granted on Trust wallet? Would be great if it works to avoid having to jump in and out from accounts on Metamask.

          Thanks again.

          • I’ve heard RH say that it’s fine to sac through Trust wallet, so he will probably address is in a livestream when Pulsechain has launched

  7. I have transferred funds to the pulsex sacrifice address 25/04/22 which is after the sacrifice closed, would my transaction still go through? what are the steps to retrieve if not?

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