UPDATE: The Pulsechain Sacrifice Phase has ended, so don’t send anything to the sacrifice address anymore!

As some of you may know, the transaction fees to send/stake/unstake Hex (and other ERC-20s) were incredibly expensive a few months ago. The entire market was on the rise and the transaction costs on the Ethereum network were sometimes as much as $500 to end a Hex stake. It was also normal to have to pay $50 to send it to a different address.

Around that time, Ethereum had an update which will only increase transaction costs over the long term. This will have a huge impact on Hex, as it takes a lot of computational power to calculate the interest. The Hex smart contract has to calculate how much interest you received per day that you were staked, add this up and then add it to the amount of Hex you started with. For this reason, the transaction costs are highest when unstaking compared to sending/staking.

Hex founder Richard Heart then thought to himself:
“Let me make a better version of Ethereum”.
This will be PulseChain (PLS).

The biggest airdrop ever.
PulseChain is a fork of Ethereum. PulseChain will become the biggest airdrop of all time. All ERC-20s that you have in your wallet on the Ethereum network will be copied over to the PulseChain network. If you have 1000 LINK in your Metamask wallet, you will receive 1000 LINK on the PulseChain network. What is important to know is that this does not have the same USD value. Chainlink on the Pulse network will have its own price that will be determined by the market.

If you have liquid and staked HEX, it will also be copied over to the PulseChain network.
All your HEX and all your T-shares will be doubled.

The further improvements that Pulse will have over Ethereum are:

  • Cheaper transaction fee (probably less than $0.01 in the beginning)
  • 4x more throughput.
  • Replace energy-wasting Proof of Work miners with efficient delegated Proof of Stake validators.
  • Deflation because 25% of the transaction costs are burned and no new Pulse tokens will be mined. The total supply of Pulse tokens will therefore never be higher than day 1. From that moment on it will only decrease.
  • 10,000x more tokens than Ethereum.
    People rather have 1 whole than a part of a whole. When you put $100 into Ethereum, you get 0.053 ETH. When you put $100 in Hex, you get 604 Hex. People rather have 604 than 0.053 of something, even when the value is $100 in both cases, so technically it shouldn’t matter. If Pulse were to have the same market cap as Ethereum, this means that the price per Pulse would not be $1884, but only $0.18. Even though the market cap is the same, Pulse will still be “cheap”.

How do I buy Pulse?
At the moment, Pulse does not yet exist. You can’t buy on the open market yet. The so-called sacrifice phase has started. This means that at this point you can sacrifice all kinds of different tokens to receive sacrifice points. The amount of sacrifice points you receive will be a 1:1 ratio to the amount of Pulse tokens you will get when the PulseChain network goes online.

We are currently on day 3 of the sacrifice phase. $186,609,286 in ETH and a number of ERC-20s have already been sacrificed. Follow the amount sacrificed on Zerion.

How does the sacrifice phase work?
The chart below shows how much $10,000 Sacrifice Points will cost over the 19 days it applies. After these 19 days you can no longer sacrifice and you will have to wait until you can buy PLS on the open market.

The first 5 days have the best rate. For $1 you get 10,000 SPs. So if you offer $100 on days 1 to 5, you will receive at least (10,000/1*100) 1,000,000 SPs.

When you offer $100 on the last day, you will receive at least (10,000/1.98*100) 505,050 SPs for this. So almost half less.

I say at least because there is a bonus for the amount of USD you sacrifice. The more USD you sacrifice compared to others, the higher your bonus. The address that offers the most (in USD value) gets the biggest bonus of 2.5x their number of SPs. The address that offers the least gets 1.0x. So no bonus. Everyone in between gets a bonus between 1.0x and 2.5x. You can track your ranking on PulseLead.

What are good strategies?
The goal of sacrificing is to get as high in the rankings as possible.
This depends on the amount of USD your crypto is worth at the time you offer it.
More USD = more PLS.

There are many different cryptos that you can sacrifice. See the full list on (when you click on Ethereum and scroll down, you’ll see a list of ERC-20s you can sacrifice).

Since it depends on the amount of USD, you want to sacrifice when your crypto of choice is as expensive as possible. If, for example, you expect Chainlink to rise in the next few days, you’d better wait with sacrificing. The price of Hex has risen sharply over the last couple of days. In this case it was better to sacrifice Hex on day 2 than on day 1.

If you’re going to be sacrificing a stablecoin like USDC/USDT/DAI, you’ll want to do so on days 1-5, as they don’t really fluctuate in value and the Sacrifice Points become more expensive after day 5.

It can even be beneficial to sacrifice after day 5 when you expect the crypto you want to sacrifice to increase in price. On day 6, the Rate per 10,000 sacrifice points increases by 5%. If you are going to sacrifice Hex and expect Hex to increase by more than 5%, it is therefore advantageous to sacrifice on day 6 instead of day 5.

It is also important that you sacrifice from one address. The bonus is calculated per address. You can sacrifice as many times as you want, but if you do so from multiple addresses, your bonus will be less.

How do I sacrifice?
Since ETH and ERC-20s have mainly been sacrificed, I focus this step-by-step plan on those tokens.

Step 1) Have control over your own private keys
Make sure you have ETH/ERC-20 (HEX, LINK, AAVE, DAI, USDT, USDC, etc.) in a wallet of which you own the private keys. You can not sacrifice from an exchange. I recommend the Metamask wallet. Make sure you have the real Metamask. This is Double and triple check this.

Step 2) Put the crypto of your choice in your wallet
Make sure you have the crypto you want to sacrifice in your own wallet. If you are not going to sacrifice ETH, it is still important to have some ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fee.

Step 3) Go to or is the official website of Pulsechain. There you can click on Open DApp.
You will then arrive at

Connect your Metamask wallet.
Select the network. In this case, this is Ethereum.
Scroll down and see if the crypto you are going to sacrifice is on the list.

If it is, you can sacrifice. The sacrifice address is under “You can sacrifice to the address below”.
The sacrifice address is the same for everyone who offers ETH/ERC-20:
Double and triple check this.

Step 4) Sacrifice via your wallet
1. Open Metamask.
2. Click send.
3. Paste the sacrifice address.
4. Choose the crypto you are going to sacrifice at Asset
5. Choose an amount (make sure you have enough ETH for the gas fee).
6. Set Transaction Fee to Fast
7. Click Next, check everything and then click Confirm.

You will receive a notification within seconds/minutes that your transaction has been confirmed or that it has failed. If it is confirmed, you can check your ranking on PulseLead.

If it failed, you must try again. What often helps is to have no digits after the decimal point for all tokens except ETH. Change 6000.325236 HEX to 6000 HEX.
The reason could also be that you do not have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fee.

You are now ready for the PulseChain.
Now you have to wait for the network to come online, after which you will receive your PLS tokens at the address from which you sacrificed. This does not have to be immediately after the 19 days. This may take days/weeks/months.

80 Responses

    • It is possible, but it is very expensive.
      You used to get 10000 Pulse per dollar in July, but if you were to sacrifice now it would be 137 Pulse per dollar.

      Personally I am waiting until it launches to buy more.

        • Hi Damian,

          You mean if you sacrificed right now?
          If you search on twitter there are people with spreadsheets.
          There is a big chance you will be able to buy cheaper Pulse at launch and the weeks after than sacrificing right now, but you do you.

          If you’d like to know how much Pulse you will get for your sacrifice, you have to wait until Testnet V2.
          You will be able to see how much Pulse your address will be credited when mainnet goes live.

        • Did you ever actually get your coin? I’m wondering if it was all a scam. Just wondering if people actually made any money on their sacrifice. Thanks.

          • Hi Jerry,

            Pulsechain hasn’t launched yet, so no.
            Nobody has gotten their PLS tokens yet.

            March of this year is when it will likely launch, so ask again in a couple of months

        • Hey I haven’t seen my coins and now I am wondering i sacrificed pulsex and used smart bnb and Bitcoin am I getting my tokens still everyone says theirs has popped up and it said I could sacrifice them but never stipulated I had to use Ethereum to get points back is that the case did I just throw my money away?

    • I have to wait till it goes to open market, I was new to this and sent to scam wallet, was a hard pill to swallow but have no choice

        • With Pulsechain you can still sacrifice, but you will receive so little that it isn’t worth it.
          Better to wait till launch

    • JrLwTB2mgf7jzj7yBfddxN5DdTzRpnho42W

      That’s the address I copied from pulsex website…is this because of the token I used to sac?

  1. Hi, Thanks in advance for your help. I sacrificed my bitcoin for pulse chain. I also sacrificed a little late cause I am new to HEX but now a true believer in everything Richard Heart.

    On 11-11-21 I sacrificed my bitcoin using my MetaMask wallet
    address connect to then it let me to select a network. Which I picked bitcoin. Copied the sacrifice address: 1GCArgjaCGwj2mo7VaFT1gSztQ2CqWsTVv then opened my Electrum wallet and sent my bitcoin to the sacrificed address. I then got confirmation that the bitcoin was received. I also got the transaction id: 4660c40febf2a434424b556c8527898bc786d29f6a5f8ad219fb01cbb63428bf

    For some reason when I go to check the to see my sacrifice amount using my MetaMask address it says it cant find my address. Please advise what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you so much any help,

    • Hi George,

      The simple answer is that Pulselead doesn’t track BTC.

      If you go to you can see the tokens it tracks.
      I assume you sacrificed BTC and not renBTC or wBTC.

      When I look at the transaction ID it says it has been confirmed.
      Every address is issued a different BTC sacrifice address so I can’t verify that but assume that you did it correctly.
      As far as I know there is no way to see your rank when you’ve sacrificed BTC, so you just have to wait for mainnet!

      So no worries, you’ve done everything correctly as far as I can see.

      • I just want to say THANK YOU for answering my question! I can not wait to see what the future holds for us!

      • Hi there,

        I’ve just Eth and AAVE to the pulse sacrifice address 0x075e72a5edf65f0a5f44699c7654c1a76941ddc8

        It’s showing a successful. How do I get listed? Thanks.

        • Hi Al,

          You have sacrificed correctly.
          Now you have to wait for mainnet launch.
          This will probably be in March.
          It’s best to follow Richard Heart on Twitter for updates

        • Hi!

          I did sacrifice ETH from my MetaMask wallet directly to the sacrifice address added on
          How can I check how many points I’ve got.

          Thank you

      • You do understand that this post is about Pulsechain (PLS) and not PulseX (PLSX) right?
        Otherwise you have sacrificed for Pulsechain.

        You will still get 1million PLS when you have 1 million points, but if you sacrificed to Pulsechain lately you have gotten a terrible rate since it has been rising with 5% a day for months.

        PulseX (PLSX) is having a sacrifice phase right now with the best rate until jan 10th.

    • I sacrificed ETH during the sacrifice phase. What is the next stage for the pulsechain airdrop? Is this the time via the test network for tPLS? I am kind of confused.

      I added the test network to my metamask, should I be getting the PLS token there for the air drop or wil there be another network that needs to be added onto metamask?

      • Hi James,

        The fork (not airdrop) will probably happen in March of this year.

        Right now Pulsechain is in its testing fase as you pointed out.
        They are testing for bugs. People can play around with the network to stress test it.

        You don’t have to do anything right now.
        Just wait till launch.

        I recommend following Richard Heart on twitter or joining the Pulsechain telegram group for updates

  2. I have many doubts about this sacrifice that is taking place in PLSX.
    If I send 0.01 BNB. This can earn me how many PLSX?

    • 1$ = 10.000 sacrifice points = probably 10.000 PLSX when it launches.
      Figure out how much dollars 0.01 BNB is worth and you’ll know.

  3. Hello I sacrificed to the Sens Research Foundation during the PulseChain Sacrifice ,and the sacrifice was done, by me, via my Discover Card ,so I have the Transaction ID, and amount, and the date of the transaction which was on July 15 2021 Sacrificed ,also I have the returned, emails from SENS Research Foundation stating that they received the Sacrifice money .So my question is this I was wanting to make sure that PulseChain has received my MetaMask Wallet address ,and so how can I make sure that PulseChain has received my MetaMask wallet address if you could please let me know how I can find out if PulseChain has my Address. or I can resend my MetaMask address again Thank You for your response P’S there has been no AirDrop to my MetaMask Wallet at present from PulseChain ,but I think Richard Heart said that the Airdrop hasn’t happened for PulseChain as of yet Thank You again for your response

    • Hi Michael,

      I advise you to contact SENS about this matter.
      Since they received it and you have exchanged emails, it should work out.

      Pulsechain has not launched yet, so it’s true that you haven’t got your PLS tokens yet.
      When it launches, you won’t find it in your Metamask on the Ethereum chain though.
      You will have to add the Pulsechain network within your Metamask when the fork has happened.

      To follow along with the progress you should follow Richard Heart on twitter.

      • I accidentally sent/ sacrificed yesterday to the pulse chain adress instead of pulse x, does that mean that my money are lost in the transaction or will I receive the money in pulse chain amount? If that’s the case will I receive the money in pulsechain value?

        • Hi Lemar,

          When you sacrifice for Pulsechain you will get the Pulsechain token (PLS). So it’s not lost and you will receive PLS when mainnet goes live.
          The unfortunate thing is that you receive about 7000x less PLS than the people who sacrificed on day 1 of the PLS sacrifice phase.

          • I’ve sacrificed like 7000 dollars, so I hope the the price of PLS be near a dollar so I can be break even with the sacrifice, or am I wrong?

    • Why did you not sacrifice to the address given and sent funds directly to the foundation?
      I don’t think anyone will know your MM account as it should have been paid from a valid MM account to receive the Pulse tokens.

  4. Can anyone tell me the final verdict at this point in time Jan 10th, 2022 will I get (any) points if I sacrifice ETH and if yes “how many”?

    Thank you

    • You will receive points when you sacrifice, but you will pay about 5000x more than the people who sacrificed in the first 5 days.
      It might be better to sacrifice for PLSX and change it for PLS before the bridges open or wait until PLS launches and dollar cost average in the first month(s)

      • I am under the impression that you will need PLS as gas to do this kind of swapping before bridge.. I missed the PLS sacfrifice. Can I still sacfrice for PLS now? Is there a link to site that shows the current conversion rates PLS to $ (I know it will be extremly poor) within the context of the sacfrise phase. I am trying to get $50-100 of PLS for gas fees pre bridge.

        • Hi Figaro,

          In theory you could still sacrifice for PLS.
          @TheFinancer on Twitter posts a daily report about the sac prices for PLS and PLSX.

          If you sacrificed yesterday it was $0.65 per PLS.
          Day 1-5 sacrificers had a price of $0.0001 per PLS.

        • there will be faucets with PLS. (
          So you don’t have to worry that you can’t transact,…

          Buy a few days after lauch is probably best. The rate will be better 😉

  5. Hi, I added the Pulse Chain Testnet but I want to see how many Pulse I will get for my sacrifice. How do I find that info?

  6. Planning on sacrificing some ETH to get pulseX. A couple of questions:

    1. what’s the difference between PLS and PLSX? why two coins?
    2. where does the sacrifice money go?
    3. will the total amount sacrificed represent the volume upon PLSX launch? or rather how much will be in circulation once PLSX launches?


    • Hi Simon,

      1. PLS is an improved fork of Ethereum, so it’s a network. PLSX is an improved fork of Uniswap, so a decentralised exchange.
      2. To an address that we can’t expect anything of. They may sell it all and set off into the sunset or they may use it to build out Pulsechain. Who knows.
      3. PLSX will harvest all liquidity on Pulsechain of the major DEXes, so it will have the biggest liquidity of all the DEXes on Pulsechain. The sacrifice address has nothing to do with it. It’s not certain yet what the entire PLSX circulating supply will be, but the largest it will be is on day 1 since it’s deflationary.

  7. Hi, a few weeks ago, I was dumb enough to sacrifice SAND, unaware it wasn’t on the provided list of tokens.
    Can you please ease my mind and tell me that’s ok?

    • I’ve heard Richard say that if it’s a very liquid token (the price won’t dump hard when it gets sold) they may allow a token that’s not on the list.
      Best thing to do is to send Richard a DM with your question on Twitter.

      • i like your attitude man some day RH (rs lol) will have an interview with me maybe and could help a dozen “n00b5” from trashing the network every time i first responder undercov covered the bill with ano144stake or stuff lol i have great questions and great suggestions. the keys to communication make it happen

    • yup no worries i did the same for pulse lol akuna don’t stop! even a third of a pumpamental is impressive pulsex sacrifice not done yet. keep working and find more to give. i cant see ANYTHING for my sacrifices yet on the v2.testnet i did potentially thousands on day one two etc should have more than M idk im a programmer some interview would be great with the crew some time.

  8. Please explain the copying of all er20 tokens onto the pulsechain ! Will i then have double tokens of everything i currently have on the eth network. Will these copied tokens on pls chain grow in value over time!! is this no a big area of potential long term winfall for people getting into pulsex?

    • Yes, you will receive a copy of all your ERC-20s on the Pulsechain. They will be called PRC-20.
      They will grow in value over time if people use it. Gasfees will be a couple of cents on Pulsechain, so I can imagine a lot of tokens getting active on Pulsechain.

  9. I also dont have Pulse. Can i buy pulse and additional pulsex after launch on the pulsechain network? If yes will it be really expensive for the Pulse?
    what happens if on launch i have no Pulse tokens?

    • You will be able to buy Pulsechain and PulseX when the Pulsechain network launches.
      The gasfees will be almost nothing so it won’t be expensive to buy PLS.

      If you don’t have PLS tokens you can’t transact PRC-20s.
      Just like you can’t transact ERC-20s when you don’t have ETH
      You will be able to buy PLS with ETH after launch

  10. Hi does one sacrifice point equal to one pulsex token on launch or will it be some other rario like 100 SACRIFICE points for 1 pulsex token? or does nobody no?

  11. Thank you for this great info and for answering questions! I missed the sacrifice for PLS. I sacrificed for PLSX.

    I don’t want to sell PLSX. Will I be able to swap liquid eHex and pHex for PLS on MM or do you know of a smart way of buying PLS at launch?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you and no problem!

      You will be able to swap liquid pHEX for PLS on the PulseX exchange.
      Everything that is on the Pulsechain ecosystem can be changed for PLS at launch.
      You will also be able to bridge in tokens from the Eth network.
      And if an exchange lists PLS you will be able to trade over there.

  12. I made the mistake of sacrificing after the period was closed, is there any way to get me ETH back or will I still get airdropped PLSX?

  13. Hi, may i know sacrifice to get the pls token is still available? Because i just send USDT for sacrifice through but i cant check the sacrifice ranking at pulselead.

    • You sacrificed for PLS 2 days ago?
      You should have done more research, because the sac rate has been increasing 5% exponentially since July of last year.
      The amount of PLS you will receive is 208,216 times less than the people who sacrificed on day 1.

      There is a chance you will receive PLSX since you have sac’d for an awful rate.
      Stay tuned and follow Richard Heart on twitter

  14. Hello,

    Any Idea how to check ADA sacrifice on testnet? I noticed the ETH wallet I connected to the Cardano sacrifice page doesn’t have any coins. Do you know how to load them in testnet or do I just need to wait for Mainnet?


    • Hi Hans,

      I personally don’t know since I have done everything through ETH.
      It’s best to ask your question in the Pulsechain Telegram group

  15. Hi guys

    On July 19, 2021, I sacrificed 0.00981501 Bitcoin to Pulsechain. I made the transfer from the Ledger. Unfortunately I don’t see any tokens on PulseChain Checker.
    I see my transaction on the, in the Excel CSV document (all transactions). Also it can be seen on blockchain explorer:

    I have made mistake, to be honest, iam not sure which ERC20 adress from Metamask I ve used as Pulsechain token “target”,
    it can be one of those:

    0x21cdDFe80F276917646Ff8FAa407CD61CEbdD684 (Sacrifice Checker on this adress show just my Pulsex , which I “bought” in January this year)





    Is there anything I should do? Or just wait and dont panic?

    Big THX for help

    • Hi Adam,

      I can see that the transaction was confirmed, but when I check the ETH addresses you provided, I just see your PLSX sac.
      This means that you haven’t used one of these ETH addresses as your target address.

      Here’s the official website to check your sacrifice:

      Try all the ETH addresses it could be, because these ones aren’t it.
      If you can’t find the right one, click on “Report A Missing Sacrifice”.

      Kind regards and good luck!

  16. Hello Everyone,
    I made a sacrifice in ADA to Pulse on Jan 10, 2022:

    I provided a local ETH address per the instructions on the sacrifice page. What I’m unsure of is if it registered since I can’t track the sacrifice on the existing leaderboards since they only track eth. Can anyone assist me in seeing if I am ok? Thanks in advance.

  17. Hey,

    I’m new to crypto and have been interested in this project. What happens if you sacrifice ETH to PulseX once the sacrifice phase has ended?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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